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Photos, Gifts and Breakups

Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to breakups.

Some people hold onto photos of their past relationship because it’s still part of “their life”, while others, try to destroy everything that could remind them on their ex.

It made us curious to learn what people tend to do with photos, and gifts from past relationships.

So, we conducted a survey to find out exactly that.

So what did we do?

Just because a relationship ends doesn’t mean you should stop enjoying a perfectly good photo blanket.

We are– a 100% employee-owned company with about 50 employees. We offer a variety of photo and home products. We can’t tell you how many times we hear about customers crying tears of joy when they receive their product. Our customers give photo blankets to their grandparents to celebrate wedding anniversaries. They make personalized puzzles to propose to their sweethearts. And they even send their kids to college with photo mugs of family pets. Looking for more photo products? Check out our canvas prints, photo books, or even our custom phone cases.