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Collection: 5 Panel Hats

5-panel hats - the new alternative to the classic cap

5 panel hats are fashionable and popularized and worn by rappers and hipsters alike. They can be made of canvas, ripstop nylon, or suede. Our custom-made 5-panel is a comfortable, athletic ball cap loosely based on a hunting hat but more streamlined with a super flat crown and adjustable strap. They are popular with urban audiences. In our online shop you will find models from numerous well-known manufacturers. 

Although the classic six-piece cap is still one of the most popular headgear, the five-piece cap has now more than established itself. Because the five parts can be arranged in a wide variety of ways and thus enable completely new cuts that were not designed in this way until a few years ago. At the same time, the five-piece caps can be worn in every season, whether in summer or winter. Depending on the look, the new hats are equally popular with women and men. There are also caps in a unisex design. This is how the newly cut caps become multifunctional all-rounders.

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