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A hoodie, also known as a hoodie, is a pullover, usually a sweatshirt, with an attached hood. Frequently occurring components are a tunnel-like belly pocket (kangaroo pocket) and cords to be able to tie up the hood. The terms smurf, hood, hoody or hoody are used synonymously. Hoodie is the common name in English, derived from hood for hood and Robin Hood costumes, which always show or imitate this with a similar hood. The jacket-like variant with a zipper is called a zipper or full zip hooded sweatshirt.
The history of the hoodie began in the 1930s. Style and shape can already be found in the Middle Ages in the Gugel, the formal clothing of the monks, which also had hoods attached. In modern times, the hoodie was produced in the 1930s by an American clothing manufacturer for workers in freezer warehouses in New York. After that, it became popular as sports and street wear.
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