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Collection: Women's embroidered shirts

Put your hand on the logo - um, on your heart: embroidering T-shirts is worth gold in terms of advertising. The advertising textile is cheap, elegant, colorful and can be combined in many ways. Another advantage: embroidering the material of a T-shirt works extremely well and you benefit from it for a long time. And - first and foremost - a logo, emblem or lettering on T-shirts really catches the eye.

The embroidery of textiles, be it clothing or underwear, has been a popular production method for many centuries to individually refine fabrics and items of clothing. In earlier times only hand embroidery was available for this. Even today there are still hand-embroidered clothing and underwear, especially when it comes to very high-quality and highly sensitive fabrics. However, the majority of textiles today are machine embroidered.
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